Ideal Group Client Reviews

Jack P. Clancy, Jr. CEO, of Enterprise Bank

Deb has/is coaching several of our senior leaders. In talking with Deb, she understands the culture and human resources needs of our company. I fully respect the confidentiality and privacy of the relationship between Deb and those she is coaching so I have not asked anyone about anything to do with the coaching sessions. But the following has been very noticeable to me:

  1. Everyone that Deb is coaching has mentioned to me how much they are getting from their coaching with Deb.
  2. I have seen a very significant positive adjustment in what I believe to be items for development for every individual that Deb is coaching.
  3. The individuals receiving the coaching have all very noticeably elevated their leadership.

Jim, L. Chairman/CEO

“I interviewed 5 other coaches and chose you! The Connecting with Others principles work!

Lynne Daw, Director of Marketing and Client Services, Northwestern Mutual

“Deb has transformed the way I think, act and feel. She has made me realize, I can be or do anything I set my mind to. She has truly changed my life.”

Bruce D.

“Thanks for the Ninety Day Goal Setting Workshop. It has been very instrumental in launching a business in a sector in which I had limited experience. The goal and priority setting methodologies you taught me have made it clear what questions to ask and what steps to take for motivation, planning, delegations and timely and effective execution.”

Kate S.

Do you know you are saving my life? Making the decision to work with a professional coach has been one of the best investments I could ever make. After working with Debbie for just a short period of time, she has changed my life in ways that I did not think were possible. What I thought would be a tool to improve my career and professional life, has turned into a journey within myself, guided by resources and wisdom that Debbie has as a gift for giving. She teaches, mentors, pushes and loves. Have a great day to my Rockstar coach! I was just thinking this morning how you have changed my life!

Colleen B., Ph.D, Chief Business Development Officer, Becker College

Coaching has enabled me to focus on getting the things in life that I have always wanted. My coach Debbie is an amazing woman who has helped me clearly understand the best ways to reach my goals and has provided me with the tools necessary to take charge of my world. I go into each session excited and leave feeling inspired and ready for action. I never imagined that any program could provide me with such support. Debbie’s coaching has allowed me to see the world in a new way, and I can say that this experience has been both motivational and transformational.

Amanda G., ASID, Lead Creative, President @ AG & Co.

Debbie, I don’t even know where to begin expressing my gratitude towards you. The support and encouragement you have given me is part of the solid foundation I have built for myself, and I could not have done it without you. Your ability to integrate the importance of stability and love for myself in my personal life into the desired success I was seeking for my business is grand. Now that I have a more clear vision on my goals, my business plan has truly started to take shape, and become more of a tangible reality.

Your assistance in getting me to define my goals: clearly, objectively, and intentionally, has provided me with the opportunity to achieve higher profits than I had anticipated. I have learned the value of my services by clearly defining them. I have been able to market my business with more confidence. And I understand how the combination of the power my femininity and depth of my knowledge can propel me in the design and construction field that I am in. These tools of personal growth and realizations ripple through my business – and have created greater success in a faster time frame than I had anticipated or expected. Thank you.

Thank you for being you and for helping me realize who I am and how I can move forward in my life. With your help, guidance and support, I have recently realized that I am currently in a place that I never knew existed. I’m in a place both mentally and emotionally that I’ve been searching for but I never knew how to get to. I have been utilizing your guidance and coaching to propel myself into the life I knew I deserved, just never knew I could have.

Mark V. Mathers, CFP®, Managing Director, BP Wealth Advisors

You’ve been a phenomenal help to me this year and I want to thank you for that. You helped me through a challenging year. Coaching has improved my business and relationships at home through looking at people differently. Coach Debbie is a successful and confident business woman who loves coaching.